Bird Media Library

With 500+ species photographed and 200+ recorded, my bird media library contains thousands of high-quality photos and recordings from my thousands of hours in the field. Some of these photographs have appeared in Cornell Lab’s Merlin Bird ID app, Birds Of The Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Guide (Second edition), Oregon Birds Magazine, Lawrence Magazine and Global Young Birders Network to name a few.

Birds and Us

Birds and Us is a project that attempts to capture images of birds in our ever-changing man-made world. This series of images shows our world through the point of view of the birds and asks how it is to be a bird in the 21st century.


I have written about birds and birding for Cornell Lab, Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Oregon Birds Magazine and The Lawrentian among others. I have also presented about bird-related topics at the Willamette Valley Bird Symposium and the Biggest Week in American Birding.

A birding journey through Outagamie County

Wildlife on campus: A photo essay through the lens of student Kai Frueh

Tales from the Benton County Big Sit